How to use this handy handy guide to making cranberry sauce:

Cranberry sauce, a sweet, sweet, spicy sauce, is a great summer treat.But if you’re looking to get it to go even further, you might want to try some fresh cranberries.They can be found at many stores, and they’re super easy to get your hands on.Fresh cranberries are also delicious in their own right.Fresh fruits are […]

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How to make cranberry tart with vodka and cranberries

A tart is a sweet and tangy dessert that uses cranberries to pair with vodka.While cranberries and vodka can be paired with a variety of things, cranberry pie is a popular one.In fact, the best cranberry pies have a very low ABV (0.2%).This makes it the perfect recipe for an easy dessert.The best cranberries are […]

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Which QB will take over at Clemson next season?

By KENNETH A. CLARKThe No. 2 Clemson quarterback will be the starter for the Tigers next season, and he’ll be the leader in the Tigers’ offense, according to a new study by the Clemson Football Research Center.The study looked at the play-calling from the 2016 season to predict how the Tigers would fare with three […]

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What to know about cranberry juice: What to look out for

After a little over a week of being in the news, cranberry vodka has finally come out of the closet.Its arrival comes at a perfect time, as cranberry lovers around the world are clamoring for more options for their drinks.And, like so many other things, cranberries are back, and it’s all on sale.

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Which are the best cranberry flavors?

A cranberry burger, cranberry ice cream and cranberry bacon sandwiches are among the best breakfast or lunch options in town.The most popular sandwich is the cranberry cranberry bread sandwich.The latest batch of cranberry flavoured baked goods will be on sale on the new menu, which will be available on Sundays and Mondays from 12:30pm-3pm, with […]

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