How to Get Rid of Cranberries and Lemon Bars

If you’ve ever tried cranberries and lemon bars and thought they tasted a little weird, you’re not alone.According to the Food and Drug Administration, cranberries contain an ingredient that’s not approved for use by humans, but the FDA says that doesn’t mean they’re unsafe.In fact, they’re listed as a “dietary supplement” under the Federal Food, […]

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Wal-Mart’s Cranberry Cheese Gets ‘Walmart’ Label

By now you’ve probably seen the video of Walmart’s Cranberries Cheese, a sandwich of cheese with cranberries and pomegranate, on Food Network.But did you know the chain is also getting a brand new brand name?Walmart says its brand name will be “Cranberry Cheese” in honor of its namesake brand, which is a reference to the […]

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Alyssa is getting a new favorite snack: cranberry fruit ice cream

Alyssanne Bragg and her husband, Ben, recently opened their first restaurant, which opened with the help of their son, Ben Bragg, a bartender.The restaurant, located in New York’s Upper East Side, has been in business for four years.They were looking for a new flavor to serve up.The idea came from Alyssas own family, she said.Alyssans […]

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When you need a cranberry fix, cranberries will do it!

Posted November 13, 2018 04:22:49Today, you’ll find that cranberries have become the perfect treat for all of your holiday cheer!Cranberries, which were once a staple in the American diet, are now readily available at many stores around the country, and they’re just as good on their own as they are in the form of ice […]

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Which cranberry dressing is the best?

If you’re looking for the perfect cranberry-infused, tangy, sweet, or salty dressing for your Thanksgiving turkey, cranberry might be your best bet.The popular flavor is a staple in some of our favorite dishes and it’s a big reason why cranberry season is a time to celebrate Thanksgiving.The flavor is often described as sweet, tangier, and […]

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