What’s it like to go from grocery store to Whole Foods?

It’s not easy to walk into the grocery store and see your favorite brands.It’s also not easy when you’re trying to buy a new product.But when I went to Whole Food Market last month, it felt like I was finally in a place where I could experience something new and feel like I had options.I […]

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‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ fans: ‘No one was really mad’

Fifty Shades of Green is back!The first trailer for the first chapter of the trilogy has debuted on Netflix and is packed with some amazing scenes.The trailer, which features a glimpse of a redhead wearing a red coat and red lipstick, was filmed by director James Mangold and features a new character.Here are some of […]

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Why is this place so expensive?

A place with no name.It has no customers.It’s a giant, sprawling store that you walk into and buy something you can’t quite remember what it is.It is also the location of one of the most expensive Costco vacations you can buy, which means you can spend your holiday shopping in this place for $2,988 per […]

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When the Cranberry Cake Recipe Gets Your Heart Rate Boost

Now Playing: How to create a cranberry cake recipe, the best cranberry sauce ever, and more.Now Playing – How to make the best cheesecake, ice cream, cake or pie recipe.Now Adding: Why the cranberry is such a perfect fruit to use for desserts Now Playing Who says you can’t have all the fruits?Now Playing Is […]

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Why the world loves cranberry jam

Cranberry jam is the most popular jam in the world, but it can also be a bit of a mystery.This is because the name of the jam is not very well-known, even though there are thousands of recipes on the internet.What we know about the name is that cranberry juice is the ingredient and that […]

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How to make the best cranberry pie at home

A quick search of the Google Images database reveals that many of us have already made some cranberry pies.It’s one of those items that you can buy online and use as a quick fix.But we’ll be talking more about the best homemade cranberry pizza in the next post.If you’re in the market for a recipe, […]

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