How to get your next meal: Cranberry sauce with fresh cranberries

You’ll probably be eating a lot of fresh cranelles this weekend and this one has been making a lot more sense to me than the cranberry jelly.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been craving something a little different from the usual cranberry stuff you’ve got in the fridge.

I’m not talking about cranberries with cranberry juice, but cranberries in their purest form.

And this is exactly that, which means it’s just the perfect companion to any summer dish.

If the holidays are your thing, then this is a perfect summertime meal to get going.

What you need: Fresh cranberries, some fresh veggies, and a dash of sugar.

What to do: Combine the cranberries and the juice and mix it all together in a bowl.

Spread on a plate or bowl.

I love this one because it’s so easy to put together, you just need a little patience.

For this recipe, I just put a few tablespoons of the cran juice and some chopped fresh herbs on a serving plate and then I used a spoon to scoop up a bit of the mixture.

And it’s really easy to throw this in a pot of water for the simmering process.

Once you’ve poured it into a pot, it’s ready to serve. Enjoy!