Cranberry Glades in the Dumpster: Cranberry Muffins

A Florida man is taking a trip to Cranberry County to collect some delicious cranberry dessert ingredients, and he’s also planning to have a few cranberry muffins in the dumpster.

In January, the Tampa Bay Times reported on a man named Justin Martin who was driving down Interstate 5 near Pinellas County, Florida, when he noticed a trash truck with several buckets full of brown boxes.

The truck was empty, so Martin started to walk away.

The Tampa Bay News reports that Martin said he realized that he’d accidentally dropped a couple of cranberries in the trash, so he decided to find a way to get them back.

The story describes Martin as a “lonely” and “hippie” man who likes to go hiking and eat a lot of pizza.

Martin said that he found a local store that sells cranberries and had some leftover cranberries, but then realized that the strawberries and cream cheese he was going to use to make muffins would also be edible.

“I knew that they would be delicious,” Martin told the Tampa News.

Martin says that he’s been making muffins for months, but he wanted to try a different recipe.

He also wanted to make some cranberry ice cream, so that was another idea.

Martin’s muffins have been popular at his home in Tampa for months.

He says that they’ve been loved by all of his family and friends.

He’s also hoping to get some cranberries from a local nursery, where he says that the company was willing to give him some fresh cranberries to make his muffins.

He’s been planning to return the cranberries he bought to the nursery, and will be donating the leftover cranberry juice to the local cranberry festival.