New York City restaurant opens with giant eagle-shaped beer, wine, cocktails

New York’s largest restaurant, a giant eagle, is opening a branch in Brooklyn this week.

The Eagle Cafe will be located at 1060 Park Avenue and will have a menu of a giant variety of beers and wines.

The restaurant will also offer a variety of drinks and food.

“We are delighted to be able to serve our guests the freshest food possible at an affordable price,” said Chris Givens, Eagle Cafe co-owner and co-founder.

“We hope this venture will open up the Eagle to the wider world.”

The restaurant will offer a menu that is inspired by the eagle’s wings, which are adorned with cranberry sauce and grilled with a garlic-spiked lemon.

Givens said that while the menu will include a wide range of ingredients, the goal is to make it a unique offering for all New Yorkers, with the menu also featuring local and seasonal ingredients.

“With the eagle being such a powerful symbol of life and love, it’s really exciting to see a restaurant come together to celebrate this symbol of the city,” Givins said.

The new Eagle Cafe is scheduled to open on Thursday.