How to make the perfect cranberry sauce: 5 easy steps

Posted November 10, 2018 08:01:52 It’s a familiar scene, but with one major difference: cranberries.

If you want to make your own cranberry sauces, you need to use them fresh, according to Jennifer Pyle, a food writer at the online publication

Fresh cranberries are a better choice than canned, and you can make your cranberry-based sauces by hand.

“I always like to use canned cranberries,” Pyle said.

“If you want the best flavor, you have to use fresh.”

Fresh cranberry juice, juice concentrate, fresh cranberries can be found in grocery stores and online, but Pyle recommends the canned varieties.

It’s cheaper and faster to buy fresh, but you’ll need to buy the cranberries at the store.

“Cranberries are very high in vitamins A and D, so if you want those you should buy them at the grocery store,” she said.

Some people, however, are more sensitive to the vitamins, which can cause headaches and bloating if you don’t take them regularly.

Fresh and dried cranberries do not contain the same amount of vitamins and antioxidants, and they’re not as healthy as canned ones, Pyle noted.

“Dried cranberries aren’t bad for you because you’re getting vitamins from them, but the dried ones are a little bit more healthful,” she explained.

Pyle advises using fresh cranberry juices instead of canned ones.

“Just like with the canned ones you’re still going to be putting the water in the bottle, but there’s no artificial sweeteners in them,” she added.

“It’s actually really delicious.”

And just like canned cranberry waters, fresh juice is not 100 percent pure.

Pylons recommends using fresh juice concentrate from your local grocery store, and fresh cranbrusks.

“We use it in all of our sauces,” she noted.

Pyles suggests you start with 1 1/2 cups of fresh cran-flavored water, add about 1 cup of cranberries and 1 cup dry cranberries in a blender, then process the cranberry and cranberry water together in a water bath to get all the water out of the mixture.

Piles her favorite cranberry drinks at a local health food store.

She also recommends getting your own bottle of cranberry flavoring, such as strawberry, apple, or peach.

“You can’t go wrong with any flavor,” she stressed.

“For me, I like cranberries with a little sweetness, but I don’t like the artificial sweetener stuff that’s in a lot of canned cranbrush and canned cranblues.”

The best cranberry recipes at Foodie include this one, which has a little lemon zest and honey.

You can also use fresh cran berries to add extra flavor to salads, which are typically served with mashed potatoes and cranberries (see the recipe for cranberry salad with bacon and chicken).