How the Sprite Crave Cranberry Hours Is a Frozen Food Adventure

It’s no secret that the Sprites are obsessed with ice cream.

But when you open up a Sprite at Costco, the possibilities are endless.

So, the next time you need a little more variety at the local Costco, head to the SprITE Cranberry menu.

It has everything from a creamy cranberry sauce to an amazing cranberry ice cream, plus a sweet vanilla ice cream with a touch of sweetened condensed milk.

The Sprite Cranberry Menu also has options for both sweet and savory options.

And if you’re not hungry yet, there’s a few extra goodies in store for you.

You can add a cranberry cocktail to your Sprite, as well as a creamy strawberry and cherry cobbler to make a delicious, ice cream-laden treat.

And of course, if you don’t have a Sprice, the Sprightly Sprite offers an ice cream sundae, which is available at

Sprite is also adding an ice-cream sundae to the menu at Sprites locations nationwide.

Check out the Spriture Cranberry menus below.

Spritely Sprite Frozen Foods at Costco Sprite’s Frozen Foods are also available in Costco locations nationwide, including at the Sprift store, which opened in August 2018.

Check your local Sprite for availability.

SprightLY Sprite Ice Cream Sundae at