Cranberries are the most expensive in Australia

Cranberries have the highest average price in Australia and the country’s second highest cost per unit, according to the latest Consumer Price Index.

According to the National Australia Bank, the average price of a 1kg jar of fresh cranberries is $2.65, with the price per gram for the same jar rising to $3.15.

The latest data shows that cranberries are also the most costly fruit in Australia, with an average of $2,066 per kilogram.

A jar of frozen cranberries costs $3,200 and a 1.5kg jar costs $2:15 per gram.

Cranberries are in demand in Australia’s dairy producing regions, particularly in the south-west, and are now the most consumed fruit in the country, according the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

It is believed that cranberry consumption will increase as the Australian economy becomes more diversified.