CNET’s Cranberry Harvest Live! video features the Cranberry Festival’s singer and hibis singer, and what the festival was all about

CNET has a special video featuring the Cranberries’ singer and his two hibits singing about the festival in full, as well as other Cranberries in the festival’s video diary.

The video, released today (July 29), is a compilation of some of the highlights of the Cran Berry Festival, including singer Ryan Mays, whose full name is Ryan Michael Mays Jr., and his hibit, Mays.

(There’s also a video of a rendition of “Cranberry,” featuring the two singers.)

The video begins with Mays singing about how he’s been preparing for the festival and what it’s all about, which you can see in the video below.

Mays is joined by hibibes Mays and Billy Mays for a rendition “Candy Cane” from the song “Crocodile.”

You can see the video here:CNET has posted a video from the festival with the full lineup.