Which states are now ‘red states’ for GOP?

When Donald Trump launched his campaign for the presidency in 2016, his supporters argued that the Democratic candidate was the candidate of the elites and elites were corrupt.

Since then, the Republican Party has gone to bat for the wealthy, the wealthy’s cronies, and the wealthy themselves.

Since Trump’s inauguration, the Republicans have gone to the extreme, declaring that Democrats are the enemy and Trump is their savior.

That, in turn, has resulted in a surge in white working-class voters, and, of course, in support for Trump.

For decades, Republicans have relied on white working class voters to vote for them in elections, often with the tacit understanding that those voters will never vote for Hillary Clinton.

But that’s changed.

In fact, the last election, the Trump/Pence ticket won with the support of white working Americans.

So what is going on?

In the coming weeks, the question is going to be asked again.

As the Trump presidency progresses, will it continue to be a red state, or a blue state?

Will the Republican party continue to turn its back on white people and instead focus on white, affluent, middle-class, and wealthy voters?

And if so, how will that affect the country?

If the GOP does continue to treat working- and middle-income people as a voting bloc, will that mean that working- or middle-aged white people, as the majority of voters, will not be voting?

And, if so?

If Republicans continue to ignore the plight of the poor and the poor, the middle class, and white working people, will the GOP become the party of those groups?

Will that make it less safe for working-poor people to vote?

These are the kinds of questions the party needs to answer, especially in the next few weeks.

The Republican party needs an answer to these questions before November 2018.

If Republicans don’t have one, they will be the party that disenfranchises white working and middle class voters and the GOP will lose the next presidential election.

As Republicans lose control of Congress, the White House, the governorships, and state legislatures, it will be in their best interest to turn their back on the voters they have so proudly called their “partners” for decades.

That’s what Donald Trump said when he said, “We’re gonna make America great again.”

But it’s a lie.

It’s a sham.

It doesn’t matter if Democrats or Republicans win the White Houses in 2018, if they don’t change their policies, if the GOP continues to marginalize white working or middle class Americans, and if the Republicans do nothing to address these issues.

As long as the GOP is in power, America will remain a country of white, wealthy, and middle Americans, just like it has always been.

That is what it was built on.

That was the promise of the founders, and it will continue to give them hope. –