US military plans to buy ‘big’ U.S. munitions, officials say

SAN FRANCISCO — The U.N. Security Council on Monday unanimously approved the sale of up to 2,000 small arms and light weapons to the United States, including anti-tank rockets, small arms, machine guns and grenades.

The council’s 17 members voted 12-2 to approve the sale, which was negotiated under a deal struck last month between Russia and the United Kingdom, which also agreed to supply up to 500,000 U.K. troops and weapons.

The sale, the largest arms sale since World War II, will go to the Pentagon.

The United States already has a large military presence in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The new arms include about a dozen anti-armor missiles, several rocket launchers, a medium-caliber rifle, a small-caliber shotgun and several anti-aircraft weapons, according to a U.R.S.-led report.

The weapons are intended for use by the U.A.E., the African Union and the U