The best summer drink you can make with cranberries

CINCINNATI — It was a late summer afternoon at the Tod’s BBQ in downtown Cincinnati.

A crowd of people stood outside the restaurant, talking and laughing.

It was their favorite day of the year.

They were at the t-shirt shop for the summer-themed party they were holding for the company’s 40th anniversary.

For the past four years, Tod Steakhouse has been hosting the party at its namesake restaurant, a place where the family-owned chain of hot dogs has been known to serve up some of the city’s best BBQ.

The Tod family has been in Cincinnati since 1910, when a pair of brothers opened the first Tod steaks at the first location in this city.

It has been a tradition that’s been a staple for the franchise since.

For 50 years, the family has kept it close.

But it has been changing.

The family is expanding its menu, bringing in more menu items, including burgers, chicken sandwiches, and other favorites.

And last year, the chain began offering its signature summer-inspired dish, the Todo Fresco, a blend of cranberries, cilantro, lime, lime juice, and lime zest, served with a side of guacamole.

The new menu has been gaining popularity in the Cincinnati area, with Tod customers flocking to the store every week to buy and enjoy their new summer food.

The brand has also been expanding its offerings to include some of its favorite brands, such as beef brisket and chicken, but the most popular is the Toda Fresco.

And this year, Toda is offering the TOD Fresco at all Tod locations, including Tod and Tod Burger Joints, and in the store.

“It’s one of the best summer eats,” said Chad Tod, who works at the restaurant.

“It’s the most unique and creative and we have it all year long.”

The new summer menu also features the signature Toda Todo, which has the flavors of cranberry sauce, cranberry salsa, lime zesty lime, and fresh lime juice on a bed of fluffy tortillas.

“If you haven’t tried it, I think it’s really worth it,” said Tod.

“If you’re not into the summer, it’s a fun, different way to eat.”