How to make the perfect cranberry-flavored beer: the recipe

Thanksgiving cranberries and cinnamon sticks make a tasty cranberry beer. 

But, the good news is that they can be made any time of year, from Thanksgiving to January. 

Cranberry liquesseurs have made their mark in the US, and have a huge following online. 

For this recipe, I wanted to recreate the recipe for cranberry rum sauce with a little more of a cranberry flavour. 

The basic recipe calls for 3 cups of fresh cranberries (they’ll grow from their skins after harvesting) and 2 cups of cranberry juice, which is the traditional cranberry extract. 

A simple 1:3 ratio of cranberries to juice is enough to make a delicious cranberry ale. 

There’s nothing fancy here: just a few simple ingredients and the recipe will be up and running in minutes. 

This recipe was originally published on New Scientist, January 19, 2019.