How to Celebrate the World’s First Cranberry Lake (with the Cranberry Library)

From the moment we heard that this was happening, we knew it was going to be one hell of a treat.

The Cranberry Village was founded in 1879 by George and Mary Clements, who purchased land and built a new home on it.

It was the first home for people with disabilities, and its original inhabitants were the first to live in a place of their own.

But the Clementses died in 1901, leaving the property to be passed on to their daughter, Lucy, who built it as a home for the children of the town.

Lucy passed away in 1968.

A year later, Lucy passed, leaving a $15 million hole in the town’s coffers.

The Clements family bought the land and renamed the place Cranberry Lakes.

It became a haven for people who wanted to live near their loved ones, as well as an alternative to the city.

Over the years, the property grew and evolved into what is now Cranberry Beach, the site of many of New York City’s best restaurants and shopping.

But that didn’t stop the Clysons from dreaming up a way to use the land for a community that was both welcoming and beautiful.

They named the site Cranberry Park.

It’s where the Cletsons built the first park, the only one in the world to feature a waterfall and the first place to play in the same space.

Today, it’s known as Cranberry Gardens.

We’ll have to find out if that’s a little bit different than what they’ve always wanted.

[Photo: Getty Images]